number 29 hand dyed chokecherry woollen wrist wrap

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. number 29


. natural hand dyed chokecherry wool :

. originally a white wool, i hand dyed this wrap with chokecherry berries gathered from trees edging our rural property. the results were this lovely, earthy ‘of it’s own’ colour.


. wool origin :

. oddments from a possible Mary Maxim project


. detailed with :

. wound waxed linen thread
. round lava stone bead
. leather round
- hand punched from salvaged vintage leather harness strap
- hand stamped with the number 29


. size :

. each wrap is individual in thickness
. one size loop to wrap as you please


. care :

. woollen wrist wrap may stretch in time
. to reshape or clean, tenderly hand wash with gentle suds in cool water bath


. simply wrap about your wrist until it feels good

. sometimes you may need to stretch it for that last wrap : )